Duck Duck Goose: The Search for Privacy Online

January 3rd, 2017 by Jennifer Lough

Micro Visions Explores Duck Duck Go Search EngineIn my latest attempt to keep my persona off the Internet (a complete failure, given that this is a published work with my name on it), I discovered the latest must-use search engine: DuckDuckGo. It has absolutely nothing to do with Duck Duck Goose except that the creator thought it was a good name and borrowed it. Fortunately for Internet users everywhere, the man was a bit more intentional about the purpose of his search engine than about its name. DuckDuckGo is designed for privacy. The idea is that without any unnecessary cookies, tracking, directed ads, or user information logs, users can operate somewhat anonymously.

So, you may ask, does it work? Answer: Yes. DDG does pretty much what it promises, which is great. Read the rest of this entry »