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Securelink Backup Solution - A Complete Data Backup Managed Service

When it comes to data recovery, stop living with a false sense of security

Most businesses understand the importance of a data backup and realize the significant impact of losing data or attempting to manually recreate data. While many of those same businesses have invested in a backup solution, studies show that up to 50 percent of the time, those backups are unrecoverable.

Are these data backup and recovery situations happening in your company?

As providers of IT consulting, we’ve been called on to address almost every cause of data loss: hardware failures, natural disasters, theft, computer viruses, software corruption, and human error.

Micro Visions’ IT consulting team has uncovered issues with the data backups of many businesses and organizations to the degree that critical data would have been unrecoverable had data loss occurred. Something that was thought to be and perhaps should have been an adequate backup solution was either poorly implemented, poorly maintained or both. Such a “solution” truly is no solution at all.

Other, less prepared businesses have experienced one or more of the data loss situations mentioned above and called Micro Visions to pick up the pieces. They had been living with a false sense of security and, unfortunately, did not realize it until it was too late. The costs associated with recovering lost data, permanently losing data, data reconstruction, and business interruption are enormous.

Have you evaluated your key systems and determined the amount of downtime you can afford? Even though your backup solution is working perfectly, it may take longer to bring your key systems back online than is feasible for your business to sustain.

An IT Consulting Team That Will Give You Peace of Mind

Any backup solution requires proper implementation, monitoring, maintenance, and verification. A conventional media (tape, disk, etc.) backup solution, while currently the most common, is not conducive to any of these requirements. The inefficiencies of traditional media backups have contributed to many of the issues that result in costly data loss. Professionally serving the greater Grand Rapids Michigan area, our expert IT consulting team will implement a complete data backup solution that suits your key system uptime requirements, as well as monitor, maintain, and verify the safety of your business’s crucial computer system data, providing you with peace of mind.


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