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IT Managed Services: Maintenance, Monitoring and Computer Network Support

Micro Visions’ Securelink Essentials IT managed services program delivers an objective and proactive method of technological computer network management by providing enterprise-level computer network technical support and strategic guidance that is out of reach for most small businesses. Focus on your business objectives while we safeguard your network, mitigating and eliminating common issues.


  • Proactive Computer Network Management: By using time-tested best practices and around-the-clock monitoring, your risk of a wide range of common system failures, network failures, downtime, security breaches, and poor system performance is reduced by our professional IT technical support team who will address issues before they develop into more serious, costly problems.
  • Automated Maintenance: Rather than manually spending your time applying patches, scanning for spyware, optimizing hard drives, checking virus protection definitions and logs, and many other time-consuming and often neglected maintenance tasks, our IT tech support team unobtrusively automates these processes.
  • Secured Infrastructure: Your company’s infrastructure is a critical element to its success. Every minute of every day, a watchful eye is kept on all critical systems, and automated self-healing tasks are executed when necessary to assure a stable, secure, and reliable IT environment.
  • IT Technical Support Strategic Guidance: A managed technology solution means you have the additional strength and security of Micro Visions’ expert IT tech support staff on your side. Securelink Essentials provides clients with access to CIO services and highly experienced consultants who are trusted advisors guiding your business technology decisions.
  • Remote Computer Network Technical Support and Software Assistance: Eliminate paying for travel time and experience faster response time through computer network support tools that allow our IT technical support staff immediate access to view and resolve issues.
  • Site Assessment and Inventory: You may have the best intentions of tracking your hardware and software inventory but find it very time consuming and difficult to keep accurate records. Within minutes, reports are generated, making hardware life cycle management and software license compliance straightforward and comprehensive.
  • Computer Network Management and Status Reporting: Executive reports keep you informed of all the key elements about system and network health.
  • Process Automation: Processes and workflows are scripted and automated to increase productivity, ensure consistency, and increase dependability.
  • Best Practice Driven: Whether it’s establishing free space thresholds or configuring patch policies, our IT managed services are faster and more reliable than competitors, using proven techniques and methods that deliver results.

Optional Computer Network Management Features

  • Anti-virus: Our IT technical team evaluates and selects the most comprehensive managed anti-virus solutions and automatically provides updates and upgrades. A watchful eye is kept on alerts and regular maintenace and scans are performed to protect your systems.
  • Spam Protection: The first line of defense in preventing viruses and malware is to restrict infected email messages from ever arriving.
  • Web/Content Filtering: Reduces the potential of accessing websites containing malware and other threats as well as restricts users from visiting inappropriate websites.


A managed services contract offers a cost-effective option to bringing on a full-time IT department. Ready to learn more about outsourced IT? Contact us today!