Securelink Cloud to Cloud Backup SolutionCloud to Cloud Backup Solution

There's No Such Thing as Too Safe

As more and more businesses move their critical and business operating data to cloud-based applications, protecting that information has never been more important. Teams are now accessing the same data over multiple devices, from multiple locations, and at all times of the day. When so many people rely on the same information to get work done, doesn’t it just make sense to add an additional layer of security?

Securelink Cloud to Cloud Backup (C2C) enables you to truly own, protect and manage your enterprise data. Accidental deletions, former employees, even malicious activity can put your operation at risk. With C2C you’ll have the power to instantly restore accounts and data to keep your business running smoothly.

Lost. Found.

Automatic daily backups ensure your data is ready for retrieval at a moment’s notice. If someone accidentally deletes or overwrites a document, C2C makes it easy to search and restore old emails, documents, calendar items and site files.

Maintain Control Over Your Company’s Data

Your team is creating cloud data every day: Customer correspondence, product contracts, sales and marketing information. All this valuable information belongs to your company. Ensure that data such as this isn’t tied to the person who created it. When an employee leaves a company, C2C helps you prevent their files and information from leaving with them by allowing you to migrate their data to another team member.

Control IT Costs

Much of business today depends upon the software your company licenses. Each license, however, is another fee chipping away at your overall IT budget. With C2C, you’ll be able to delete inactive accounts without losing the data generated by those accounts.

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