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If You're the System Administrator, Do Any of These IT Situations Resonate with You?

If You’re the System Administrator, Do Any of These IT Situations Resonate with You?

system-administratorYou feel like you’re bearing the full burden of business growth. Even the simplest tasks in today’s high-tech business landscape now require the use of a computer. Each department has custom software to improve their productivity and they all depend on you to keep things running smoothly. Some days it feels like everything is coming at you all at once, and the company’s growth is surpassed only by the demands placed on your time. Management has offered a training budget, but you’re so busy putting out the day-to-day fires that you don’t have time to do it. You can’t remember the last time you took a vacation without receiving at least one call for help.

You feel a false sense of security. You’re constantly under pressure to evaluate and implement a multitude of third-party apps and collaboration tools, but just keeping the systems up and running fills your day. You know the owner relies on you to keep enterprise data secure, but failure to keep up with the demand for the latest technologies has created gaps in policy standards. Unauthorized cloud apps have been installed by employees to access work files from home, and now the control and protection of sensitive corporate data feels shaky. What if you’re hit with a crypto-virus? Your IT systems seem to be running fine, but you’re not sure if you’d be able to recover fast enough or completely should the company be hit with a disaster or cyber attack.

Finding the solution. Micro Visions has over 25 years of “in-the-trenches” experience building, supporting, and maintaining a diverse range of individual business technology environments. We can assist with application selection and implementation, acceptable use policies, strategic planning, large project management, and reduce your workload by automating patches, updates, spyware scanning, hard drive optimization and virus definitions. Best of all, our service can be scaled to suit your immediate needs.

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