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If You’re the Information Technology Manager, Do Any of These IT Situations Resonate With You?

You’ve outgrown your current resources. Your company’s computer systems have grown from a few PCs to a complex network of personal computers, servers and other components. Your IT provider has been a great help in the past, but you’re running into requirements that seem outside his or her area of expertise. You’re ready to move to the next level. Or, you may have been outsourcing your computer support and are at the point that you think you need to hire a full-time system administrator. You’re unsure of the skill set you need or how much you should pay. You look at resumes. You interview people. They all tell you they can do the job, but being sure who really has the ability to perform may beyond your expertise.

Overwhelming application choices. You realize you have a need for a customer relationship management system, manufacturing system, or other business application. There are plenty of vendors willing to tell you their solution will do everything you need and sell you their solution. You want to make sure that you’re not just jumping on the bandwagon because the features look really sharp. You want to make sure the system will work for your unique way of doing things. As the Information Technology Manager, you’re concerned whether the system is flexible enough to support you as your needs change. You want to make sure you receive a return on your investment. It may be difficult to compare various proposals and know whether a hosted solution might be more cost effective.   Your accounting, manufacturing or job cost application vendor just notified you the version you are running will no longer be supported; the next release of that program will not run on your current equipment.  You’ve obtained quotes to upgrade from a number of value-added resellers, and everyone wants to convince you that their solution is best for you.  You can’t be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. It’s overwhelming to sort through proposals to determine which direction will minimize your risk and truly be the best choice for your company.