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“Go To” Person

Go To PersonIf You’re the “Go To” Person, Do Any of these IT Situations Resonate with You?

You’re time-short and management is depending on you to minimize interruption to everyone’s job. You’re a good steward of your company’s resources and you’re responsible for selecting an outside vendor or consultant to perform an operating system, application or another key system upgrade. You only have a small window of time when the system can be down. You also need a “go to” person — someone who is knowledgeable and thorough that can work quickly and cost-effectively. You’ve been experiencing intermittent problems; you’re tired of finger-pointing and lack of resolution. Your hardware vendor blames the software; the software vendor blames the network and you just want the problem resolved. You feel you’re being “sold” a solution by a vendor who may not understand your business.

You would like to increase your knowledge in information technology as the company grows and would like to transition to a full-time system administrator. You may have taken classes, but they weren’t specific to your environment.

 Other Common Situations the “Go To” Person May Experience

  • You enjoy helping out with IT but need someone to call when the problems or projects are beyond your expertise.
  • When you need assistance, you need it now.
  • The choices are overwhelming.
  • There’s just not enough time in the day.
  • You may want to grow into a full-time system administrator position.
  • Your selection of an IT vendor is a reflection on you.
  • You’re tired of finger pointing and lack of resolution.
  • You feel you’re always being “sold” a solution.


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