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Information Technology in Business

You’re the Business Owner,
Do Any of These IT Situations Resonate With You?

Low or no technology ROI. As a business owner, you worry that your company’s computer systems don’t seem to compliment your strategic business goals. They aren’t contributing to or improving delivery of products and services to the extent you’d expected. You continue to spend money, but feel like the systems are an unwanted expense; a necessary evil. IT planning or budgeting is minimal.

Experiencing costly downtime or data loss. Your company relies heavily on your existing computer systems. When they’re down, the financial impact can be considerable.  You may be unable to ship product, receive orders or get access to critical information.  Employees may be standing around, unable to do their jobs.  You’re unsure that everything possible is being done to ensure these technology assets are protected.  You’re constantly reacting to problems, but your information technology staff assures you there’s nothing to worry about.  Your only IT person stores all the knowledge about your systems in their head.  What will you do if they leave?

Finding the solution. Information technology in business is necessary to thrive. If IT is not one of your core competencies and keeping your systems running has become a distraction from business-building activities, we can help. Micro Visions’ systems analysts and engineers maintain years of experience in the field of information technology. We can work with your existing IT staff, or serve as your fully outsourced IT department to eliminate the pain, frustration, and unpredictability of technology so you can concentrate on running your business.

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