Targeting Client Objectives

Work with Micro Visions and Expect These Results:

Companies and organizations of all sizes expect technology performance that supports their operational strategy; whether it’s to drive down costs, drive up revenue, foster growth, increase market value or all of the above.  And Micro Visions has consistently earned client confidence with a practical, unbiased advisory approach that fits their unique needs and delivers maximum value.  Just a few of the results you can expect when working with us:

  • Professional technical expertise available on an as-needed or ongoing basis.
  • System implementation and configuration according to best practices.
  • Minimum downtime or data loss via maximum resource availability.
  • Projects consistently driven to timely completion.
  • Employee performance in place of technology troubleshooting.
  • The lower risk and higher reward of business continuity.
  • Peace of mind; in the knowledge your systems are protected and performing cost-effectively.

Goals of Our Service:

As an experienced technology partner with your best interest, priorities and schedule in mind, our service to you carries with it these goals:

  • Support and solutions well-suited to your specific business requirements
  • Avoid costly surprises, minimize IT overhead and downtime
  • Prevent, mitigate and/or recover quickly from problems or downtime
  • Assist you in evaluating complex options and making adequate comparisons
  • Stop diverting resources from your primary responsibilities to systems support
  • Make technology work for you, your business and your bottom line

Structure of Our Service:

Typically we begin with an initial consultation; meeting with key project stakeholders to gather information and identify the following:

  • Needs analysis; purpose and goals of our services
  • Define the scope of work; activities or tasks to be performed
  • Document assumptions, expectations and the desired outcome
  • Establish deliverables

Our Approach is Based on these Core Principles

  • Response on your terms. Often we hear comments from new clients that their previous IT service providers either didn’t return their calls, kept them waiting for days, or repeatedly returned without eliminating the problem. Micro Visions team members understand that when your systems are down it affects productivity and the ability to service your customers. Our philosophy is to respond when you need a response, to work around your schedule, and to ensure the problem has been eradicated.
  • We’re your advocate. You can count on us to be your trusted advisor. Our primary incentive is your satisfaction and continued business.
  • Your priorities are our priorities. We are dedicated to helping our clients accomplish their objectives. We go the extra mile. We will find resources or answers even when a client request may not be within our area of expertise. We anticipate questions, issues, or problems that may occur and work accordingly.
  • Client confidentiality is essential. We realize that we’re not only helping you with your business technology, we’re helping you with your business.
  • Unremitting quest for knowledge and improvement. We thrive on continually learning, applying, and growing in order to remain experts in information technology services. We create and follow best-practice standards as well as prepare, plan, teach, and educate. We understand business and how to help our clients apply technology to their businesses. We take a proactive tactic rather than a reactive approach.