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From Stopgaps to Solutions: Micro Visions Resolves Food Manufacturer’s IT Issues at the Source


It’s a problem all too many companies face: an outsourced IT services provider appears to offer quick fixes for problems that arise–but the so-called “solutions” only lead to more issues, work disruptions, and lost productivity.

This was the case for a Grand Rapids, Michigan manufacturer of tortilla and corn chips. The company relies on technology for services ranging from accounting software to email to business applications, and the reliability of these services is critical to successful business operations.

Unfortunately, the company was experiencing a host of IT issues on the very services it depended on for smooth operations. Users couldn’t access their email accounts, server dry mappings were disconnecting, and there was virtually no backup solution in place in the event of a server crash. When staff contacted their IT provider, they received either remote assistance–or unsuccessful tech visits that put out the immediate fire, but ignored the underlying issues. Financial and productivity losses were mounting, and the CFO had had enough.

“Our prior IT firm sent inexperienced technicians who essentially slapped a band-aid on our IT problems, which only created additional problems,” said the frustrated CFO. “Ultimately, we felt their approach was creating some of the recurring problems for which we were being billed.”


After exploring several options, the company hired Micro Visions, Inc. as their outsourced IT services provider and take on their technical issues. Micro Visions took a fresh approach: at the same time that they quickly resolved the immediate pain points, they also conducted a thorough technical audit. They used this information to develop multiple proposals, each of which tackled each problem in a structured, well-thought-out manner that would provide minimal user disruptions. “They were very organized and methodical,” recalls the CFO. “It was not a quick fix, but rather a well planned and executed solution.”

Once the food manufacturer decided on the plan that best fit their needs, Micro Visions went to work, digging beneath the surface of each issue and finding solutions that worked together in the big picture. They began by working from the bottom up, starting with the servers. Servers were placed on a UPS uninterruptable power supply with battery backup, so in the event of a system crash, the servers would be able to shut down properly preventing critical data loss. Micro Visions then cleaned up the servers themselves, keeping cable wires neatly organized and labeled for efficient, streamlined access.

Next, Micro Visions eliminated ongoing email issues by migrating the company’s email to Microsoft 365. The migration process was a smooth transition, creating very little user disruption and allowing day-to-day operations to continue seamlessly. They also implemented new accounting software for the company, which exceeded the company’s expectations. “Our lead technician had extensive experience with some accounting software we were implementing.  This added a level of comfort and knowledge which was neither required nor expected.”


Micro Visions continues to provide unmatched managed IT services. As Virtual CIO, Micro Visions constantly monitors the company’s various IT functions, ensuring processes are running smoothly and any issues that arise are repaired immediately. In fact, when a recent power outage occurred, Micro Visions was able to quickly notify the company, even before their security software. “Micro Visions is very proactive. They monitor our system and have called a few times when something unusual had occurred,” noted the CFO.

Ongoing efforts include:

  • managed patch updates
  • managed anti-virus protection
  • managed backups and business continuity planning
  • third party application updates
  • continued monitoring and maintenance of all systems

The CFO feels relieved that he’s no longer putting time and money into short-term fixes that don’t improve the efficiency of his company, and can focus his efforts on what he does best; running his business. “Certainly lost productivity was a part of the problem. The amount of ‘noise’ I hear from personnel regarding IT has dropped dramatically,” says the delighted CFO. “I feel like Micro Visions is a true partner in keeping our system running and safe.”