Micro Visions Outsourced IT ServicesDemonstrating Value

Micro Visions Matches Client's Technology Needs with Long-term Goals

Challenge: Reactive IT Provider Costing Time and Money

As an expanding company and leading manufacturer of high performance personal protective equipment, one local company was looking forward to a future of innovation and growth.  Yet it faced an unexpected roadblock: increased strain on its IT systems, and a service provider who did not rise to the challenge. Rather than re-evaluating its IT services to meet their emerging needs, the IT provider took a reactive approach to problem-solving.  It addressed and fixed issues as they occurred without looking for their root causes, resulting in unexpected costs and downtime during business hours. Different technicians were assigned to each case, resulting in no consistent point of contact. These factors ultimately produced added expenses, lost revenues, and frustration among both employees and customers.

“Time that could have been better spent on product development and customer engagement was being constantly redirected to IT issues,” exclaimed the frustrated Vice President.  “Our mission is to provide better products with better technology. But we couldn’t do that effectively if we didn’t have our own technology support in order.”

With no long-term solution in sight, the company decided it was time for a change. Staff consulted with several different IT service providers and also considered hiring internally before selecting Micro Visions, Inc. as their new IT partner.

Solution: Comprehensive Support Services

Micro Visions’ flat rate IT managed service offered the proactive, customized approach to IT problems that this expanding company was looking for.  Micro Visions staff conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s business goals, strategic planning, budgeting, and general technology needs to ensure that their IT systems worked towards those goals, not against them.

“It was refreshing to see Micro Visions match their services to our long-term needs, rather than making us conform to a pre-existing package,” noted the Vice President. Today, Micro Visions provides a variety of services including:

  • a vCIO (virtual chief information officer)
  • Server and network management
  • 24/7/365 help desk support
  • Remote and on-site support services
  • Vendor management
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • A complete cloud backup system

In 2012, Micro Visions had the chance to showcase their unwavering commitment to client success, and proved themselves to be more than a typical IT provider. When switching to a new business system, the company faced pushback from the developer to compromise on server size and other key requirements. Micro Visions went to work on their behalf, standing its ground to ensure that the server size was large enough, the proper equipment was used, hardware and software were installed correctly, and that the system was working properly once installed.  “The transition was flawless, and there were zero issues,” stated the Vice President. “That has never happened with a major systems change before.”

In fact, since making the switch to Micro Visions, seamless transitions have been the rule rather than the exception. When the company recently changed to a VOIP phone system, Micro Visions staff managed the process from start to finish. “They explained the alternatives, listed the advantages, explained why it would be good decision for the company, went through possible scenarios, assisted in the planning and service change, and completed the switchover during off hours with no disruptions,” Again, the change was seamless with no issues.

“Micro Visions has aligned their goals with ours, and are viewed as a partner, not just an IT provider” Continued the Vice President.  “They are proactive, responsive, and provide an invaluable service.  I like that the service is a flat monthly rate, and everything is in one place. They really have everything to offer that I was looking for. “

Results: Peace of Mind

Since switching to Micro Visions, this company has come to view its IT support as an asset to the company, rather than an ongoing challenge to be managed. In fact, they have identified four key benefits they have experienced since making the switch:

  • Problem avoidance
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved customer service
  • Time and money savings