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Micro Visions Solves Major Line-of-Business Application Problem


More than two years prior to contracting with Micro Visions, a supplier of home based medical products implemented a key software application that did not perform from day one. “It was a constant nightmare,” said the Operations Director. “It would work one day, then stop the next.” The software manufacturer assured them that their application was not the problem.

The medical company consulted with three different IT service providers to resolve the issues before meeting with Micro Visions. Thousands of dollars were spent in time and on products, culminating in a new $4,200 network switch, which had no effect on the problem. There was finger pointing between vendors, frustration among users, and a significant loss of productivity.

While the application’s end-users were impacted, so were the departments that relied on them. This situation negatively affected the entire company as well as their clients. The issue began to threaten their bottom line as delays hampered their ability to deliver products as needed.


Micro Visions’ objective experts, armed with their Securelink Essentials tools, collected and analyzed server and network data for three days. By the end of the week, the problem areas had been identified and corrected. Prior IT service providers had been working on the wrong part of the system, attempting to fix something that was not broken, rather than addressing the issue that ultimately proved to be causing all of the problems.

”People I didn’t even know were coming up and hugging me,” said the Micro Visions’ Senior Systems Engineer overseeing the case. “Having an objective team involved eliminated a lot of finger pointing and provided us with answers to our problems,” said the Operations Director, “I’m appreciative of that.” The in-house IT staff was ecstatic that they could finally focus on their jobs without the distraction of a system that failed to work on a daily basis. “The Micro Visions engineer’s technical skills were impeccable and his communication skills were top rate,” said the Systems Administrator.


The impact gained from resolving the issues included:

  • An issue that had plagued them for more than two years was resolved in one week.
  • Employee productivity improved from an estimated 35 percent to 95 percent.
  • A multitude of daily application complaints were reduced to virtually zero.
  • IT staff were freed to work with projects and end users rather than focusing efforts on the application issue.