Security Swiss Cheese: How to Find and Fix Your Company’s Security Holes

March 28th, 2017 by Jennifer Lough

Your business is small; therefore hackers aren’t interested.

In the immortal word of Dwight Schrute: False.

Actually, since large corporations often have more available resources to implement security protocols and monitor their systems, small and medium-sized businesses make easier, if somewhat less lucrative, targets. As of 2014, SMBs made up about 60% of victims.

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Understanding USB: Is Your Charger the Reason your Battery is Dead?

March 14th, 2017 by Ryan Cobb

Whether your device charges using a Micro USB, Lightning, or USB-C cable, you may not be charging at optimal speed. It’s important to find out what amperage your device was designed to use while charging.

Once you know the intended amperage, make sure that the cable and power supply supports this amperage.


The iPhone 6S+ can charge at a max of 2.4amps, using a 5Watt or higher power supply.

An iPad Air also charges at 2.4amps, but needs a 12Watt power supply.

While the iPhone will fully charge on either power supply, Read the rest of this entry »