Month: August 2016

Micro Visions’ Labor Day Hours

Our offices will be closed on Monday, September 5th for Labor Day. As always, technicians are available for emergencies around the clock, 365 day a year, by calling (844) 776-0400. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Facial Recognition Keeps Getting Creepier

Most people aren’t bothered by Facebook identifying their faces. That’s partly because Facebook is fairly innocuous (especially in Europe) compared to Russia’s latest social networking feature. FindFace, a new facial recognition app, takes a picture of a person on the...

Google Allo and the Impending Doom of “K”

A while back, Google announced the release of a new messaging app, Allo. Yes, Google has another messaging app, and no, it’s not some magnum opus of Google messaging apps, but it’s getting there. Allo is Google’s platform for integrating artificial intelligence with...